• Optiline Czech Republic
  • Optical backbone network
  • Secure data transmission
  • 1024 km lines within country
  • Abroad connectivity
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Open access fiber network

About us

Optiline is a fiber-optic backbone network providing a secure way to deliver high speed data

Optiline was established in 2001. Building a fiber-optic transmission network within HDPE pipes, which to date has reached 1024 km, started in 2002. Our unique infrastructure connects the Czech Republic with neighboring countries and is able to connect lines in every chosen data center throughout the Czech Republic.

The safe transmission of data is our priority and therefore we are the only ones on the Czech market who allows to use fiber-optic high standard without capacity limits, which is appreciated by government agencies, medium and large businesses, and last but not least, the telecom operators.

Optiline aims to create an Open Access Fiber Network allowing all operators quick and easy interconnection to optical fiber with safe data protection against all possible threats.



Our services


Dark fibers are the solution for those looking for a safe and fast way to transfer data. We have an inexhaustible capacity of fibers that is able to connect reliably your clients, data centers, branch offices and disaster locations.


Rent your own backbone network and get flexible capacity. According to the amount of your data you can choose from one pair to complete 96-fibre-tube. Your private backbone network will ensure more safety for your data.


Contact us.

We offer customized and individual solutions. Our team will recommend you a suitable solution according to your specific technical requirements and financial possibilities.